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Alexus Rhone

Alexus Rhone (affectionately known as “Lex”) is an artistic theologian and "revolutionary artist" devoted to candidly exploring teen issues through fiction. Passionately committed to “truth-telling,” Lex offers a compelling voice to a generation of youth looking for authenticity and transparency as seen in her YA projects Premature Pleasures (2001), Secret Shame (2003), Backseats and Bleachers: A High School Love Story (2005), and Cover the Coo (2010).

She has also the co-author of 29 Years For 13 Seconds: The Injustices of Justice (2016), the story of Vance Webster, a man sentenced to life in prison for a crime he witnessed as a teenager while growing up in South Los Angeles. 

Since completing her Master of Arts in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary in Los Angeles, California, Alexus launched Unshackled Productions and Truth Meet Story, LLC. Unshackled Productions produces page-to-stage and storytelling events around the country. Truth Meet Story, LLC, facilitates storytelling training and produces branded/sponsored live events for creative, organic community engagement.

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coming soon
Bishop & First Lady: Blind Eyes Can't See
Tia Told a Lie/
Tia Told The Truth
Brandy's Story
Remembering Premature Pleasures:
Wounded by Churchfolk Gossip
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