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(4-week storytelling/public speaking workshop)


In support of Speaking and Listening academic standards, “Narrative Rising” will serve as a cooperative campus movement to develop a broad range of written and oral communication skills using narrative storytelling, helping students to master the ability to adapt language to a variety of contexts and purposes. This objective will be fulfilled in three ways:

1. A weekly narrative storytelling workshop called the “Narrative Rising” (9-12 grade), or an after-school program for younger students (5-8 grade), in which students will listen to biographical stories and practice storytelling strategies.


2. Develop stories from their own lives.


3. Participate in the “From The Mouths of Our Future” story-slam to showcase exceptional storytellers, poets and debaters.




(one-day workshops promoting self-discipline, self-care and

personal accountability)


Unshackled Publishing publishes fiction which appeals to reluctant reading teens/pre-teens. Utilizing the character situations from UP novels, I will facilitate workshops, youth talk-backs and retreats to engage teen audiences on the primary theme “Your present choices have a future.” Candid without being didactic, I motivate young people to do three things:


1. to love reading and writing stories that reflect their realities;


2. to understand and then practice empathy towards those who are experiencing a different reality;


3. to be “faithful to their futures” (a Franciscan quote)



Sample workshops for "Esteem Rising":


“Imagination: The Beginning of Creation” (Ages 10-18) 

BOOK: 29 Years For 13 Seconds: The Injustices of Justice


“Dating Strong, Dating Wrong” (Ages 13-18) 

BOOK: Premature Pleasures


“Love Doesn’t Hurt” (Ages 13-18) 

BOOK: Backseats and Bleachers: A High School Love Story


“Shame, Shackles, Silence” (Ages 13-18) 

BOOK: Secret Shame


“WARNING: Freshmen Girls Entering College...” (Ages 15-18) 

BOOK: Cover The Coo

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