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Unshackled Publishing publishes gateway fiction for reluctant reading teens and preteens. Our mission is to get them "hooked on books!" Our titles seek to entertain, minister to and motivate youth audiences towards a love of reading stories that reflect the experiences of the 21st-century youth/urban landscape.  


Our titles engage the often-neglected reluctant teen/pre-teen reader by exploring universal themes young people face across racial, cultural and socioeconomic lines, including friendship, betrayal, spiritual and sexual angst, and peer/adult relationship dynamcs, to name a few. We are revolutionary artists pulling reluctant readers into the literary fold by publishing "page-turners" that youth will want to both read and share with others.


The benefits of Unshackled Publishing titles include the following: 

1. They pull non-readers into the reading family.

2. They create opportunities for young people to see positive solutions to their universal problems. 

3. They provide a private opportunity for teens/pre-teens to make sense of their world through the fictional UP characters.

4. Unshackled Publishing partners with teen organizations to help spread the word about places to go for help.

5. Our titles are GREAT entertainment for young people, and also provide great opportunities for adults to reminisce about their childhood and mentor young people accordingly.


Unshackled Publishing publishes YA "page-turning" stories of redemption.  

We are revolutionary artists pulling reluctant readers into the literary fold...(we) publish gateway fiction getting teens 'hooked on books.'"

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