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29-Years For 13-Seconds - A Memoir, by Vance Webster

29-Years For 13-Seconds is a memoir about Vance "Duke" Webster's conviction for a crime he witnessed (not committed) when he was a teenager. Formerly of Homeboy Industries, Duke's journey to new beginnings constantly finds him slipping while climbing. The story weaves through Duke's life from an impressionable pre-teen whose mother kicks him out of the house at 12, to a notorius gang leader on the streets of Los Angeles before being sentenced to life in prison at 17. His relationships with women - from his 55-year-old mother to his 75-year-old wife - along with his failed interactions with faith-based organizations and other social service agencies, "29-Years For 13-Seconds" is a page-turner that explores the story behind social injustices that disproportionately affect black men and others who, without financial resources, are forced to roll the dice and hope justice prevails in their favor. 

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