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Have a book idea? Want to get it to market?

We can help!

It's daunting, but extremely exciting to take an idea and turn it into a full-length book manuscript. If you've written a memoir, a novel, a picture book for children, or maybe even assembled recipes for a cookbook and you're asking "what do I do now," we can serve as your publishing midwife and help you deliver your book to the marketplace.


We have editors on staff who will read (and reread) your manuscript, making corrections to spelling, grammar and punctuation as necessary. We will assist you in polishing your book so that it will be the best representation of your brand.  


Once the copy is ready for print, we will typeset your manuscript according to the dimensions you select (text size, margins, fonts) and design your page to create the most visually appealing experience for your readers (i.e., pull-out quotes, pictures).


Our team will work to create the most effective marketing tools for your book. Options include:


1. Book cover

2. Fun website

3. business cards

4. postcards, posters

5. press releases

6. Social media banner ads

7. hashtags

8. Cataloguing book info into Bowker Services (with ISBN)



That's right - once we've edited and typeset your books, we will send it off to the printer (minimum 25 copies)! Depending on the size of your print-run, or the number of books you print, you can expect to have books in hand within 7-10 days.


Whether you want to sell directly to organizations or through bookstores, we will show you insider secrets on how to get it done.


For more information, click here.


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