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Trek Baden is the first in her family to attend college. However, when her grandmother encourages her to "cover the coo" - meaning 'no sex before marriage' - unfortunately, Trek doesn't listen. She gets pregnant by her boyfriend from high school in Houston...or her new boyfriend at college in Austin...or a one-night-stand she had after too many drinks in Corpus Christi. To avoid the stigma of being pregnant and not knowing who is the baby's father (very "Jerry-Springer-meets-Maury-Povich"), she chooses to the terminate the pregnancy. "Cover The Coo" is the anatomy of an abortion...or can she be convinced to keep the baby?

Cover The Coo

  • Trek Baden is the first person in her family to go to college, the prestigious University of Texas at Austin. Everyone gives her advice on how to be successful. Her mother says, "Get your education and you can write your own ticket!" Her crazy aunt says, "Find a rich man!" However, it was her grandmother who, while attending Trek's graduation party and watching all the single mothers and their children running around the house, leans over to her, pats her knee and whispers, "Cover the coo." In other words, don't have sex before marriage.

    But Trek doesn't listen.

    She maintains the relationship with her boyfriend Ferris from high school and also falls for one of the guys at UT. Unfortunately, she ends up pregnant and is unsure which guy is her baby's father (very "Jerry-Springer-meets-Maury-Povich"). To forsake the shame, she makes plans to terminate her pregnancy...or can she be convinced to keep her baby?

    "Cover The Coo" is a page-turner where the tension of Trek's dilemma is felt by the reader who is left in suspense about what will she choose.
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